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The Law Offices of Robert Rettenmaier provides a broad range of services to parents and those seeking to become parents. Specifically, the Law Offices of Robert Rettenmaier is dedicated to providing legal services to those using assisted reproduction, including egg donation, sperm donation and surrogacy. The firm gladly offers initial free consultations to individuals and couples looking for ways to bring children into their lives and to provide the best and strongest legal protections for themselves, their children and their families. Mr. Rettenmaier keeps himself stay current in this rapidly advancing area of law and has access to experts around the state and the country which greatly benefits the firm’s clients.

  • Surrogacy
  • The Law Offices of Robert Rettenmaier works with surrogacy clients to assure that they are legally protected as parents as fully and as quickly as possible. Our firm does not find surrogates for clients. However, once intended parents have matched with a surrogate, we focus on providing the best long term legal protection to the intended parents, the surrogate, and the child, regardless of the state in which the baby is born. Our services include drafting and reviewing surrogacy contracts on behalf of either the intended parents or the surrogate; and handling the legal proceedings necessary to assure that the intended parents end up with full parental rights and that the surrogate is relieved of her parental responsibilities. We are particularly attuned to the legal needs of single people and gay and/or international couples becoming parents through surrogacy.

  • Sperm Donor Agreements & Consults
  • The Law Offices of Robert Rettenmaier creates agreements for women using sperm donors to achieve pregnancy and for men providing sperm donations to assist friends or loved ones in achieving pregnancy. Each agreement drafted by the Law Offices of Robert Rettenmaier is specifically tailored to meet the needs of the individuals involved. The firm strives to help our clients identify the critical issues to include in their agreements, and assure that the agreements are legally accurate and protect all parties to the full extent possible under the law.
    We also consult with fertility clinics and sperm banks to assure that agency contracts and agreements are up-to-date and legally accurate.

  • Egg Donor Agreements
  • The Law Offices of Robert Rettenmaier drafts egg donor agreements on behalf of singles and couples using donated eggs to achieve pregnancy — either themselves, or with the assistance of a gestational carrier — and also reviews these same agreements on behalf of egg donors. The firm represents many different kinds of people using donated eggs, from gay male couples starting the journey to parenthood to heterosexual couples struggling with infertility to single men looking to become single fathers. In each case, we conduct an in-depth assessment of our individual clients' needs and concerns, and tailor the donor agreement to specifically address those concerns. We also make certain that the agreement is legally sound and covers all relevant issues.
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