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Our goal in all child custody cases is to serve the best interests of children whose parents are separating or divorcing. We fully understand that a well-crafted custody agreement takes into account your child’s best interests and anticipates decisions regarding the health, education and welfare of a child. We can help you understand terms like physical and legal custody. We provide legal services of the following child custody issues:
  • ◇  Legal custody, including participating in decisions regarding the health, education and welfare of your children
  • ◇  Physical custody, as this determines a child’s residence
  • ◇  Visitation
  • ◇  Out-of-state relocation by one parent
  • ◇  Joint custody
  • We will work with you to customize a child custody solution suitable for your circumstances. This means reaching an understanding of what is realistic, what is best for your children and what will best preserve and strengthen parent-child bonds.
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